Production Process

Management of raw materials, production, control, packaging and shipping.

We believe in innovation, always investing in cutting-edge technology.

Our Production Process efficiently coordinates human resources, information and technology. This is the guideline that has distinguished us over time.

Our goal is always the "starting point."

We are specialized in the preparation of flavourings and functional ingredients intended for the food industry, a sector in which we are recognized as having a leadership role in the Italian, European and International markets.

We produce semi-finished products, intended for companies specialized in the production of meat and sausages, a mix of raw materials carefully selected to obtain a product that makes excellence its distinctive feature.

We submit our production cycle to strict quality tests to certify the conformity in compliance to strict Italian and international standards.

The entire production cycle is widely automated in order to optimize productivity and achieve the highest quality and efficiency.

"The Storehouse" has always been identified as the site where to deposit the goods.

A modern logistics management becomes an essential complement in an  organized and cutting edge company.

For Europrodotti, the Company Logistic System is a department of primary importance, with qualified personnel assigned to each task. This is an essential step in order to optimize the production process.

We have a management system for the classification of goods and their correct location, as well as structures and spaces designed for practical handling both in storage and in delivery. They all work in coordination with the production departments to ensure a system that guarantees rapidity and punctuality up to the delivery of the final product.

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