Research and Development, Quality Control.

Development, Innovation, Quality and creating new Objectives all imply investing in Research. Europrodotti has never ceased to research: in 2007 it achieved an important innovative turning point by inaugurating a new research and development laboratory, equipped with cutting edge equipment and ensuring quality control. Europrodotti has constantly pursued excellence with continuous investments and updates, so that the laboratory has become one of the main pillars of the company.

A training ground where interests in new insights and in the curiosity towards finding new solutions are intertwined with a sense of accomplishment in the field of research.

The department consists of two sections: Research and Development, Quality Control.

Research and Development, Analysis and Panel Testing

Investing in Research and Development means believing in innovation, giving new life to the company, being in step with the future.

The laboratory is equipped with modern and cutting-edge equipment and is composed of a team of expert and qualified technicians who are dedicated to the study and research of new products and innovative solutions.

Our company deals with customer requests on a daily basis. Since these have become more and more demanding, we always aim to achieve the highest quality standards.

Our technicians attend ongoing training, in collaboration with universities and specialized institutes in the field of food sciences.

Our analysis laboratory is the department dedicated to new customer needs. Here we study and research new solutions. It uses a pilot plant where the preparation and production processes can be reproduced. It also performs "Panel Tests" and taste tests, parameters for sensorial quality evaluations.

The research and development laboratory is the cutting-edge sector for the study and creation of new products.

Our research field is dedicated to the creation of unique and authentic products that allow us to rediscover ancient recipes, to create new flavours and innovative proposals that satisfy the natural pleasure of good eating habits and more and more specific tastes.

The laboratory is where creativity and rationality meet.

Quality Control

The food sector has very strict rules on food safety. The demands of companies are constantly increasing to guarantee the highest quality levels.

Europrodotti has always been committed to carrying out rigorous checks from the first phase of selection of raw materials and their supply areas. Numerous control tests ensure that all the ingredients introduced into the production cycle have the appropriate characteristics to comply with quality standards.

At the end of the processing, all products are subjected to a series of analyses that certify “quality control” and maximum compliance with the strictest standards required by Italian, European and International regulations.

For us, quality is always the goal and the final result of the entire production process.

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