Solutions for Marinated Foods

Marinating is an ancient technique used to preserve foods longer and, at the same time, it’s a great way to provide an aromatic and unique flavour, develop and refine tastes, aromas and food textures.
The word “marinatura” (“marinated”) derives from “marine water” or in brine, prickled. It consists in the immersion of foods for a variable period of time, in a liquid composed of acids, oils and aromas.
(vinegar, lemon juice, wine, beer) are used to break down proteins to make the food more tender and more likely to absorb the flavours.
retain water and, therefore, reduce the risk of dehydration during cooking.
add flavour.

Europrodotti offers solutions for this traditional cooking technique aimed at giving intense and persistent flavours, as well as a particular tenderness and greater succulence during cooking.
These products are without allergenic substances and suitable for the production of cooked bacon, smoked bacon, chicken, turkey, beef and pastrami preparations.
These are irreplaceable ingredients that balance the flavours of each marinade, according to ancient traditions of the recipes of Italian heritage cuisine.

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