Solutions for Seasoned Cured Meat Products

On a platter of cold cuts, on a plate of appetizers, cured meat products are a must. We are drawn to their aroma and we appreciate them for their taste.
Culinary cultures offer so many varieties, sausages or cured meats obtained from the whole part of the animal. Salami, raw ham, coppa (pork meak), speck (Italian smoked ham), bresaola (salted and dried beef), bacon, moccetta (cured dried meat, similar to bresaola) and many more, all with unique characteristics but recognizable by their consistency, shape, flavour, aroma and colour.

Europrodotti  offers solutions to enhance flavours, look for more tantalizing  aromas and to rediscover and improve the quality characteristics of each type of salami. Complete semi-finished products are designed to guarantee a successful performance of the fermentation process and the preservability of the cured meats.
Starter cultures consisting of different microbial strains allow us to modulate the acidification process and guarantee controlled seasoning.

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