Solutions for Frankfurters, Mortadella and Cooked Sausages

Everybody enjoys a mortadella, frankfurter or cooked salami sandwich as a snack!
Cooked sausages
are among the best known cured meats both in Italy and abroad. Their characteristic is a correct ratio between lean meats and the fatty parts, minced more or less finely for cooked salami, whereas a very minute mincing is used for sausages and mortadella.
Our cooked salami with selected cuts of meat enriched with aromas and spices unleash flavours and pleasant smells that are characteristic  of our production areas.
has a single bright pink color, delicate taste, intense aroma and a right amount of pepper and spices. One of the most popular versions is pistachio.
We can find Frankfurters in various specialties -  Bratwürst, Wienerwürst, Meraner, Lyoner, Pariser, Cervelade, Rohwürst, Bruhwürst, Kochwürst, Weisswürst, Munchener Weisswürste, Hot dogs.

Europrodotti has created solutions to characterize and enhance each of your cooked sausage products. We can offer you a wide range of aromas and solutions, used with the right dose, these can help you introduce new flavours, play on the nuances of a "smoked" meat, rediscover and enhance all the characteristics of each product. The cooked sausages can thus satisfy modern nutritional tendencies.

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